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What is Web Accessibility?

Web Accessibility effectively means that people with disabilities can use the Web, the idea being that page are written in such a way so that peopel can understand, navigate and interact with the web pages regardless of their impairment. The 2e-Volve website has been made with this in mind.

Why is accessibility important?

The Web is one of the most important man made resources available, whether used for eductation, research, commerce or advertising, with this in mind it is essential that the web is accessible to the largest potential demographics.

Our aims

Our aims when designing and building a website are to make use of all accessibility features possible while adhearing to WCAG guidelines when possible, this can be as simple as adding alt tags to images, or making sure text has a high contract compared to its background.

More Information

There are several organisations striving to make the web more accessible, one of the largest is the WAI, who outline guidelines and push for standards in accessible sites.

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