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An integrated approach to service delivery

What is Web Accessibility?

Web Accessibility effectively means that people with disabilities can use the Web, the idea being that page are written in such a way so that people can understand, navigate and interact with the web pages regardless of their impairment. The 2e-volve website has been made with this in mind.

Why is accessibility important?

The Web is one of the most important man made resources available, whether used for education, research, commerce or advertising, with this in mind it is essential that the web is accessible to the largest potential demographics.

Our aims

Our aims when designing and building a website are to make use of all accessibility features possible while adhering to WCAG guidelines when possible, this can be as simple as adding alt tags to images, or making sure text has a high contract compared to its background.

More Information

There are several organisations striving to make the web more accessible, one of the largest is the WAI, who outline guidelines and push for standards in accessible sites.
System integration saves money
Aligning your IT, Web and Digital Strategies into a monthly subscription
model with long term goals can save you up to 40% on project costs.
Rather than have 3 suppliers providing costly, sometimes conflicting business strategies why not let
2e-volve take responsibility to build and manage a single strategy which combines all your IT, WEB
and DIGITAL requirements, which you pay monthly and has clear long term goals - we report on.
It's a smart use of time and money and generates real savings.
Specialist teams working on your behalf
Today's modern business utilises a variety or skills, systems, software and
services to deliver their front line business systems.
When working with 2e-volve you will have access to our 3 Specialist Team of Microsoft Engineers,
Web Developers and our Digital Marketeers. They work in a collaborative manner under project
processes we have developed over the last 13 years. Aligned with our investment in Smart Multi-
Tenancy Systems - we can work fast and efficiently delivering your project on time & budget.
Investment in shared tenancy platforms
It's no surprise if you share the cost then it is cheaper for everyone - this
is a mentality we adopted when we developed our WebPower Cloud.
Our WebPower Private Cloud is a secure multi-tenancy platform where multiple clients share the
resources and Version of the application. There are no expensive upgrades as new style sheets
can be applied as required. This investment is changing our clients perception of how they work and
how they pay for services - which is now a fixed monthly operating cost.

What our clients say about 2e-Volve and our services

Web Development

The guys at 2e-volve quickly understood our needs and built a fully functioning ecommerce, Google friendly webshop within six weeks on their WebPower Cloud Platform. We were impressed by the communication during the project and are very happy with their outcome.
Sportswear provider, Edinburgh Nov 2012

Digital Marketing

2e-volve are integral to our online success - not only did they build us a dynamic website which we can fully manage ourselves they are on hand to provide the skills to position our site on Google. We find their monthly reporting on our competitors useful in helping us build our pricing strategy.
Gift & food services, Perth August 2012

IT Support

2e-volve have been managing our network and servers for over 10 years. They are constantly looking to improve and grow our network in line with the release of new technology. This helps ensure we are investing on an ongoing basis as opposed to a costly upgrade every few years.
Data manager, Glasgow July 2013

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