Why Engage With 2e-volve?

With 2e-volve you get a company with very transparent working processes - there are no hidden costs and above all we are motivated to ensure you have the most efficient, cost effective and performance optimised infrastructure to ensure your staff can carry out their duties on a safe and fast platform.  At any time our clients can view, live, the progress of all the HelpDesk requests and projects we are running on their behalf via our online 2e-crm HelpDesk software. 
As a service provider we are conscious that communication is important, you will find our staff friendly, professional and willing to help at all times.  We respond fast to every call and will when possible fix the issue within 15 minutes. Our service level agreements come in 3 levels, so you can chose the contract that suits your needs and remember they can be adjusted to meet your particular requirements.
Today's dynamic business environments are evolving, with new functionality adopted live without any impact on existing services.  Over the last few years we have seen a migration away from costly capital investment in high asset based networks to a operational cost base model. New service subscriptions and Cloud Platforms are replacing the traditional server driven network.  We will work with you to adopt these new technologies so you can benefit from the cost savings they bring.
I am more than happy to chat through your requirements to see if we can add value with our skillset and technology.
Craig J Lemmon (MD)
2e-volve (UK) Limited.


2e-volve Learning Culture?


We are Microsoft Sliver Partners with a bespoke learning plan around Microsoft Competencies and aligned with the requirements of our client base.  With predictive learning plans on the Microsoft University Platform we ensure our staff have the skills and certification to deliver the products and services we design, build, deliver and support.  Our 2e-volve apprenticeship programme is also aligned with delivering the Microsoft technology stack so we can ensure our next generation of IT Engineers are effective when they qualify.
Our sector changes quicker than most and our learning culture helps us keep abreast of new technologies and how they benefit our clients.  Our staff are encouraged to take the time to understand new technologies and how they can be adopted to the benefit of our clients. It is this culture of learning that drives our business engagement model and it has proven it's worth over the last 15 year and ensure long term staff retention.  

We are With You Every Step of the Way?


Aligning your IT, Web and Cloud Strategies into a monthly subscription  model with long term goals can save you up to 40% on project costs.
Rather than have 3 suppliers providing costly, sometimes conflicting business strategies why not let 2e-volve take responsibility to build and manage a single strategy which combines all your IT, WEB and CLOUD requirements, which you pay monthly and has clear long term goals - we report on. It's a smart use of time and money and generates real savings.


Today's modern business utilises a variety of skills, systems, software and  services to deliver their front line business systems.
When working with 2e-volve you will have access to our 2 Specialist Teams of Microsoft Engineers and Web Developers.  They work in a collaborative manner under project processes we have developed over the last 14 years. Aligned with our investment in Smart Multi-Tenancy Systems - we can work fast and efficiently delivering a high level of service on your converged business platforms.
It's no surprise if you share the cost then it is cheaper for everyone - this  is a mentality of both Public and Private your Cloud Platforms.
Our WebPower Private Cloud is a secure multi-tenancy platform where multiple clients share the resources and Version of the application.  It can be linked to your Public Microsoft Cloud so your staff can work fast and efficiently anywhere.  This investment is changing our clients perception of how they work and how they pay for services - which is now a fixed monthly operating cost.